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Linda Lord
Linda Lord, a native of the Georgia-Tennessee area, now resides along the Monterey Bay coastline, in California. There in the moderate climate, she enjoys gardening, bird watching, scuba diving and her menagerie of pets, which include 8 birds, 3 cats and two frogs.

A self-taught artist, she prefers watercolor as a medium for its transparency and light. Her subjects tend to reflect her interest in nature. Her style is realistic, leaving room for artistic license. She feels that nature has a humorous way of putting shapes and colors together reminding us that everything doesn't have to match. A philosophy that she imparts to her forty or so weekly students.

Linda participates in outdoor art fairs, local exhibitions, Santa Cruz Open Studios, as well as one-person shows including an annual solo show in Cozumel, Mexico. Her images have been licensed for various commercial products.

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