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Camille Riggs
Camille Riggs

Watercolor Artist

A native Texan, Camille was born and lives in Dallas. The desire to share her uplifting talents with people began long before she started painting. A bachelor degree from Southern Methodist University directed her energies into music therapy.

After obtaining a master’s in business administration from Dallas Baptist University, Camille became a financial analyst. During a demanding 13-year professional career in the banking industry, her amateur musical pursuits helped bring balance to her life.

It was not until 1997 that she discovered her self-expression as a watercolor artist. Recovering from a spinal injury that demanded a change of life-style, Camille enrolled in a six-week watercolor course being offered at her church. It was from there, with paintbrushes in her hand, that she ultimately found a new direction in life.

Early in 2000 amidst an atmosphere of bank mergers, organizational changes, and re-location demands, Camille decided to move beyond the world of financial analysis and into the world of entrepreneurship. With the support and help of her family, Camille has dedicated herself to the grass-root effort of creating a business from scratch and pursuing her desire to be vocationally creative.

Determined to celebrate life in spite of chronic pain, Camille finds joy and relief through painting. She enjoys a contented lifestyle of Christ-oriented singleness, sharing her life with friends, family, and her pet finches, Art and Garffy. Believing that the gift of life cannot be totally fulfilling without a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, Camille feels that her artwork reflects the joy of her faith. "God has blessed me with an entire world of colorful images that make me smile. What a pleasure it is to share those smiles through splashes of water and colorful bits of pigment."

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