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Heidi Satterberg

Heidi Satterberg is an experienced and passionate artist whose charming work has been featured in five books, numerous greeting cards, calendars, plaques, blankets, mugs, pillows, and more. Her heartwarming illustrations capture what is dear to Heidi herself—faith, family, and friendship. One of her creations, the Heidi Joy character, is a favorite. “She only has dots for eyes and a head full of curls, but she's very expressive.”

Most evenings, you will find Heidi tucked away in her home studio, working diligently after dark. She’s always been a night owl. “During those quiet hours,” she says, “I can focus on intricate and detailed work without distraction. Once I’m ‘into’ a piece I want to keep going, whatever the time!”

Heidi enjoys the excitement of sitting down with a blank sheet of paper to begin work. “I can create whatever I’m interested in at the moment,” she says. “For instance, I always thought I would love to quilt. However, once I painted a beautiful quilt, I changed my mind. It’s the creative result that I enjoy, not the sewing!” Heidi’s style has run the gamut from country quaint to simple sophistication.

Now that both of her children are independent—a daughter married and living nearby and a son at college—Heidi dedicates hours to her creations, working with acrylics, ink and colored pencils. She likes to experiment by using fabric and textured paper in her artwork. In spite of all of the time she spends in the studio she is quick to say that she also makes time for the love of her life, her husband, Jim. She calls him, “the man who can still make my heart go pitter-pat.”

Besides natural talent in art, Heidi is also a singer and pianist who once had a career as a soloist and belonged to several groups that performed nationwide. She continues to perform for special occasions. She has also been known to participate as an actor and set painter for theater productions. “I am very thankful for the natural talents God has given me and am amazed at His encouragement. I love sharing my gifts.”

In contrast to her homey characters, the artist Heidi prefers gorgeous high heels to tennis shoes, sophisticated suits of bold color to sweats. She loves entertaining (but not cooking!), and leisurely cruise travel with her husband (rather than frenetic sightseeing). She has traveled extensively and lived in locations around the country but now considers Minnesota (with its fine, inspirational snow) home.

Heidi is a down-to-earth person who loves dining with friends, getting together with her children, and volunteering her time. Although her artwork keeps her very busy, she still schedules command performances with Chester, her family’s trick toy poodle, who can’t help being the most sought after artist in the family


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