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 Leo Licensing is a full-service firm that provides synergistic partnerships between artists and manufacturers. Owner and agent, Jane Randolph, has over fifteen years of experience in the licensing industry. Her experiences as licensing director for an art publisher, encouraged her deep and enduring passion for fine art, and inspired her to found Leo Licensing, LLC in 2001. Since that time, a solid reputation for timely, reliable results has been her trademark. A commitment to excellence in product development, promotion and cross-merchandising is ever-present in the partnerships that Leo Licensing forges and nurtures. Leo Licensing excels at identifying unique and talented artists, and branding their style to enhance their reputation, and diversify their professional opportunities.

The artists represented by Leo Licensing are dedicated professionals who approach their art as their life's work and not a hobby. They understand the importance of delivering imagery on a timely basis and conceptualizing their art in terms of series or collections of products. While some artists may not have that professional flexibility, those working with Leo Licensing are encouraged to think and create in ways that are conducive to the needs of manufacturers. They are thoroughly committed to providing clientele with the special imagery needed to expand product offerings.  

Leo Licensing's comprehensive approach to art licensing has proven to be an invaluable resource to artists and manufacturers alike. An understanding that reputation is measured by performance is the cornerstone of the company's success and growth.

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8573 Medlin Road, Baxter, TN 38544
Phone: 931-858-1515
Fax: 931-858-1518


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